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Bruce had met Lois at an awkward time in his life, when things were just starting to make sense after a long period of turmoil and grief. She seemed willing and able, perfect and wonderful, everything he could want, everything he might need, and yet there was the one thing he couldn't bring himself to tell her.

Batman was the wake of everything that he believed was good, and yet everything that, according to the people of Gotham and the police, because Batman wanted it that way, wasn't good. Bruce couldn't bring himself to tell her who he was, what he did at night, despite what she might have seen him, past all the garbage and fame, past all the playboy antics. Was it worth dragging her down? Was it worth wondering if she might exploit him?

It only left him begging to the question to be answered: did he trust her.

And then, one day, just like that, Lois stopped returning his calls. Stopped texting, emailing, anything that was some sort of social way of them interacting, to stay together.

Confused, after a long period of silence on her part, Bruce left a message at the Daily Planet for her to return his call, or message. One or the other, they needed to talk.

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She'd known full well he couldn't exactly just "drop by" on his way to... well, anything, really. But she was past accommodating him at this point. If he couldn't be bothered to tell her the truth, then surely he couldn't be bothered to do much else, right? So she'd continued on with her work, pushing (or attempting to push) him from her mind and concentrate on the task at hand.

Which was why the sudden low murmuring of her officemates went entirely unnoticed until the faint image of a dark suit reached her peripheral vision.

"Not now, Smallville, I'm on a deadline," she said dismissively, her eyes never leaving her computer monitor as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

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That familiar, soft but gruff tone was the last voice she expected to hear back in reply. She frowned, glancing up at the man she'd been dodging for the last few weeks.

Blink blink.

"Bruce." She pushed her chair away from her desk, turning to face him. "Did you... You flew here?"

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Normally, she might've found that charm of his endearing. Right now, though... It was just getting on her nerves. She pursed her lips, fighting an eyeroll and getting to her feet.

"This isn't really a good time," she frowned, circling around him to shut the door to her office. The talk would continue whether or not she closed them off, but at least she'd be able to have a private conversation.

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She could feel the facade drop as the lock clicked closed, and she watched him go from Bruce the Billionaire to the man she'd somehow started to fall for. She sighed, running a hand through her hair and trying to gather her thoughts.

"Bruce, I... I can't be part of this relationship if you're gonna spend more than half the time lying to me."

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She folded her arms across her chest, watching him a moment. He had never been an easy read. Especially once she'd learned how many layers of facades he had on a daily basis. Casting a glance towards the door, she lowered her voice and made her way closer to her desk.

"I'm not an idiot. I've known enough vigilantes to be able to tell when someone's hiding a double life. So just tell me."

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"Trust me, I'm fully aware of the hole he's dug himself into," she replied, the stack of research on her desk a testament to the scandal and intrigue that was building around The Batman. It was one of the reasons she'd discovered his secret in the first place.

"That's not really your decision to make, Bruce." She pulled a stack of old newspapers from a pile on the floor, laying them out on her desk for him. Headlines on Superman's rise to the spotlight in Metropolis, Oliver Queen's outing as the Green Arrow, even a few articles on a Woman of Wonder in Washington.

"I'm surrounded by this stuff as it is. Hell, if I'm not dangling off a skyscraper because of it once a month, something's gone wrong. So if that's your excuse for cutting us short, you'll have to come up with a new one."

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"You should've told me, Bruce. How the hell did you expect us to get anywhere while you're sitting on something this huge?"

She rubbed her temple, glancing back at the stack of paperwork she still had to get through tonight. Migraine ahead. She shut her eyes a moment, then returned her gaze back to him.

"Look, I care about you. I really do. And I want this to work, but you have to be honest with me. I'm a big girl, I can fend for myself. I have fended for myself when it comes to things like this. So just... have a little faith in me, okay?"

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She took a step towards him, reaching out to graze a hand against his cheek.

"You gonna let that keep us apart, Dreamy?" she said, a hint of teasing back in her voice now.

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She offered him a small smile, stroking her thumb over his cheekbone.

"So what's the plan? Think you can handle me digging around in your Batcave every now and then?"

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"My lips are sealed," she confirmed, slipping her arms around his neck and nudging the tip of his nose with hers. "No more secrets?"

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She grinned up at him, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips.

"Good. 'Cause I think the Batman thing's pretty sexy, Mr. Wayne."

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She chuckled on his lips, slipping a hand down to grasp his.

"I just have to wrap up a few things and I can get out of here, okay?"

She toyed her fingers between his, giving his hand a squeeze. Now that their cards were on the table, now that he'd promised he could trust her, things would be better.

She hoped.

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She nodded, pressing a kiss to his cheekbone and glancing back towards her desk.

"Be down in a bit! Don't give Chief too much grief," she chuckled, plopping down in her seat and glancing over her email.

About an hour and fifteen minutes later Lois came rushing down the stairs with an armful of folders, begging herself not to trip.


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She laughed, grinning when he took the files and taking a second to adjust her purse and get herself together. Phew.

"Think you've got me pinned, don't you, Mr. Wayne?" she smirked, taking his hand and tugging him towards the Planet's revolving doors.

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"Only a little," she confirmed with a smirk, nudging him playfully and tugging him along. Once they were on the street and safe from her stumbling onto her face, she wrapped an arm around him and grinned.

"So. How long are you in Metropolis for? Just long enough to get me back, or are you gonna stick around for more?"



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